Star Wars: Rogue One Prequel Series Andor Won't Include Popular Character at First

After the launch of The Mandalorian on the Disney+ streaming service, the Star Wars galaxy is set [...]

After the launch of The Mandalorian on the Disney+ streaming service, the Star Wars galaxy is set to expand in a massive way with the release of more series, including the prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But while Star Wars: Andor will focus on the titular Rebel known as Cassian Andor, many fans are excited about the return of Alan Tudyk's reprogrammed murder droid K-2SO. But it sounds like fans will have to wait a lot longer, as Tudyk recently indicated that he might not be involved in the first season of Andor.

During a recent interview with Collider, Tudyk spoke out about appearing at Disney's D23 announcement of Andor in 2019. He also admitted that he is unlikely to appear in the first season of the Disney+ series.

"They're shooting it right now, I'm not in it. But, if it stays on the air, stories keep getting told, I'll end up in there," said Tudyk. "I'm in all these announcements for the show, and I had suggested at D23 when we announced in the show, that it be called K2 Fast K2 Furious: The Cassian Andor Series and, um, that's not happening, it's called Andor!"

Tudyk opened up about concerns for the future, wondering when he'll appear in the series. If Lucasfilm takes a similar approach to Andor that they did with Rogue One, Tudyk might have some issues with the motion capture filming.

"I do know this: I have to be on stilts for it, because the character is 7'1", and I'm not one of those guys that says, 'somebody else do the motion capture, and I'll voice it later'. I'll have to do the motion capture, and I turn 50 in March," Tudyk said. "So I hope they get to it soon, because I'm not going to be on stilts in, like, five years. I'm not doing it!"

Tudyk's comments indicate that series showrunner Tony Gilroy has long-term plans for K-2SO, as well as long-term plans for the series in general.

"I'm going to be in the show. It's just that the story that Tony is telling doesn't involve K-2SO until later on... I can't be too specific, but I can definitely say that I'm not going to be in the first season."

Don't be surprised if K-2SO shows up toward the end of Season 1 in his own "Baby Yoda" moment. For now, we'll have to wait for more information on Andor Season 1's debut on Disney+.