Star Wars: Disney Exec Confirms The Mandalorian Season 2 Won't Be Delayed Due to Coronavirus

Considering all of the delays that have already sprung up thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it [...]

Considering all of the delays that have already sprung up thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it would be easy to assume that many films and shows that were set to arrive later this year will miss that window. Marvel Studio's entire Phase Four theatrical slate has been pushed back and Sony Pictures has abandoned their 2020 summer film release plans entirely, delaying most new movies into the next year. Not everything has been delayed though, and titles in the works for at-home streaming at still very much on the way with Disney confirming that The Mandalorian will be back for season 2 unimpeded.

Speaking in a new interview about delays to film and television productions, CEO Bob Chapek confirmed that many projects that were in the early parts of development and the later parts of editing remain in the works, specifically mentioning that The Mandalorian will not be delayed since it was already in post-production.

"As you know we have a certain amount of inventory, particularly for Disney+, that is still fueling the machine," Chapek told CNBC. "It's important to note though that pre-production, sort of the development phase, can still happen during these times of lockdown if you will; and post-production can still happen. So it's only films that are mid-stream, right in the middle of production (that have been stopped by the pandemic). Take for example Mandalorian. The Mandalorian was shot before COVID really hit, and so we've been in post-production and there will be no delay on Mandalorian. Same thing with Black Widow which is coming out in November."

This is welcome news for fans of the series as new details of the show have begun to seep out before any official details can be announced by Lucasfilm or Disney+. Rick Famuyiwa, a director for the upcoming second season, previously confirmed that work on the series continues despite everyone being sequestered to their homes.

"We've been hunkered down in the post process," Famuyiwa told Variety "It's been a challenging and great experience so far, but it's good to have that to take my mind away from the daily madness that we're living at the moment."

The second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian is expected to premiere in October on Disney+, just under a year after the highly lauded first season of the series. Baby Yoda and the titular Mando will return for the series which will also reportedly include Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett and Rosario Dawson as Jedi Ahsoka Tano, the character's first appearance in live-action.

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