Star Wars: Jon Favreau Teases Rangers of the New Republic Takes Place "Right After" Return of the Jedi

When Lucasfilm revealed earlier this month that The Mandalorian would be getting multiple [...]

When Lucasfilm revealed earlier this month that The Mandalorian would be getting multiple spinoffs, including Rangers of the New Republic, fans assumed it would take place at the same time as the debut live-action series, though creator Jon Favreau recently hinted that this spinoff could be unfolding a bit earlier than the timeline of Mandalorian. During a recent appearance on Good Morning America, the filmmaker confirmed that both Rangers and Ahsoka will be taking place in a similar time to Mandalorian, though he did specify that all of these series take place "right after" Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Fans already knew that The Mandalorian took place roughly seven years after that film, with his description of the upcoming series as unfolding right after Return of the Jedi having us wondering if the new spinoffs could be taking place earlier in the Star Wars timeline.

In Season Two of The Mandalorian, Cara Dune is approached to become one such Ranger, with the subsequent announcement of the spinoff leading some fans to theorize that the hero could be headlining that spinoff. Some rumors, however, claim that Cara Dune is having her own spinoff developed and that it isn't connected to Rangers of the New Republic. If Rangers was set to take place a few years earlier than The Mandalorian, it would confirm that she wasn't involved in that project.

It's also possible that Favreau was broadly claiming that these series taking place "right after" Return of the Jedi is meant to imply that they take place closer to the events of that film than to the events of the sequel trilogy and that Rangers unfolds after Cara Dune becomes a member of the organization.

Unfortunately, we doubt that we'll get many updates on Rangers in the foreseeable future.

During his Good Morning America appearance, Favreau confirmed that work on spinoff The Book of Boba Fett will be kicking off imminently, which will then be followed by production on Season Three of The Mandalorian. Currently, Andor is being filmed, which is slated to debut on Disney+ in 2022. As if the coronavirus pandemic isn't complicating enough elements of producing a TV series, having multiple creatives involved with multiple projects and storylines only adds to the moving parts that need to be orchestrated, leaving the timeline of substantial development on either Rangers of the New Republic or Ahsoka anyone's guess.

Stay tuned for details on Rangers of the New Republic.

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