Star Wars: The Clone Wars Surprises With Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul Alliance

Disney+ on Friday released the second-to-last episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The episode [...]

Disney+ on Friday released the second-to-last episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The episode follows up on the Seige of Mandalore, with Darth Maul a prisoner of the Army of the Grand Republic. Ahsoka Tano, Commander Rex, and their troopers are escorting Maul back to the capital when Ahsoka feels Anakin Skywalker's fall to the dark side and Darth Sidious delivers Order 66. In order to survive, Ahsoka is forced into an uneasy alliance with Maul. The two hardly become friends, but without Maul's unwilling assistance, there's a fair chance that Ahsoka wouldn't have survived the implementation of Order 66.

Rex tries to resist Order 66, but he can't do it for long. Ahsoka manages to escape. Rex sends troopers to execute Maul, but Ahsoka arrives in time to incapacitate them. She then frees Maul, who misinterprets Ahsoka's actions. He thinks they're about to join forces to Take control of the ship. Ahsoka clarifies that this is not a "team-up." She needs Maul to create a distraction so that she can figure out how what's going on and save Rex. She doesn't even give Maul a weapon to defend himself with, telling him that she isn't "rooting for" him. In essence, she hopes that Maul keeps the clones busy long enough for her to do what she needs to do and then that the Clones recapture Maul. She may have underestimated Maul's ability to create chaos.

Despite Ahsoka's coldness, Maul goes along with her plan rather than trying to fight here. He does provide enough of a distraction fro Ahsoka to gather some information and rescue Rex. The Clone War is over, but Ahsoka and Rex are still trapped on a Starship with Maul and a bunch of Clone Troopers who are following Order 66. Fans will find how this all resolves in the final episode of The Clone Wars, debuting on Star Wars Day, May 4th.

Of course, this isn't really the end for either Ahsoka or Maul. Ahsoka, we know, goes on to become Fulcrum, an agent of the Rebel Alliance after the fall of the Republic. Maul becomes the shadow leader of the criminal underworld, as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story, before becoming a kind of hermit obsessed with Obi-Wan Kenobi, as seen in Star Wars Rebels.

What did you think of Ahsoka and Maul's unorthodox alliance? How do you think this situation will end? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section. The final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars debuts on Disney+ on Star War Day, May 4th.