Star Wars: The Mandalorian Composer Shares New Details About Season 2 Finale

One of the many heroes of Lucasfilm's The Mandalorian is composer Ludwig Göransson, whose efforts [...]

One of the many heroes of Lucasfilm's The Mandalorian is composer Ludwig Göransson, whose efforts on season one nabbed him the Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (fresh off his Oscar win for Black Panther). Göransson continues to elevate the series to new heights with his score and brought his talents back to the second season, which just wrapped up last week. In a new interview, Göransson has opened up about the musical cues he crafted for the season two finale of the series, specifically two of the more emotional ones for fans. Spoilers for The Mandalorian below!

Speaking with Insider, Göransson revealed that he was shown a rough version of the scene in the season two finale where young Grogu sees the unmasked Din Djarin and reaches out with a tiny green claw to touch his face before departing with Luke Skywalker. It's an emotional scene for audience members and was also one for the composer.

"Just to give me a head's up and create a thought in my head," Göransson said of seeing the rough cut. "Just to get me prepared because it's an important scene...I remember seeing it for the first time and I wasn't prepared at all, I was moved by that ending...I tied in a lot of the music from every episode and put the themes together in a way that made it feel special."

Göransson also spoke about creating a musical cue for the scene where Luke Skywalker makes his full on-screen appearance, removing his hood and showing the world Mark Hamill's face.

"I basically wrote a new theme for Luke there because I wanted the reveal to be a surprise, I didn't want to hint at anything," he added. "When you see him show up in the X-Wing there's electric guitar and a children's choir playing. It kind of sets the tone. Then by the end, it's a nice transition from heroic mystery theme into the Force theme."

Though unconfirmed it seems likely that Göransson will return to score the third season of The Mandalorian, recently confirmed to be in the works. A ton of other Star Wars franchise shows are also in development for Disney+, including Mandalorian spin-offs like Rangers of the New Republic and Ahsoka, and though there have been no whispers of Göransson's involvement in them it seems likely that the relationship he's built up with Jon Favreau could no doubt lead to him being tapped to score other shows as well. Lest we forget that John Williams scored all of the episodic feature films beforehand.