Steven Moffat On Whether A New Series Of Sherlock Will Happen

The chances of seeing a new season of Sherlock anytime soon seem to get dimmer and dimmer. Not just because Sherlock himself is currently in the middle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but because of some statements from the showrunners and writers of the series.

Yesterday published a story on what fellow showrunner and star of BBC's hit show Sherlock, Mark Gatiss said in a Radio Times interview. "...we have no immediate plans, everyone's very up for it but I think it's just terribly difficult to schedule everyone. It's just so hard to get everyones diaries to align. And there's always the Faulty Towers principle, just leaving it as it is, equally if in a few years time we all came back and said "Should we do another one?" I think that everyone would be very happy to do so..."

Today, published an interview with Steven Moffat from San Diego Comic-Con. They asked the question we're all wondering... when are we going to get to see the most famous detective in deerstalker?

Moffat answered, "At this point we honestly don't know. I sort of vaguely assumed that we do it again at some point. I haven't had time to think about Sherlock, and Mark's been hugely hard at work of course a range of projects including Doctor Who. So we haven't had time to sit down and work out what we do with a series five."

With both Gatiss and Moffat involved in a new BBC Dracula drama, it can't be anytime soon. But that doesn't mean (as Gatiss said) that everyone still isn't interested. "We all love doing it very much. No one's against it. No one's doing it because they have to, you know. Everyone can survive perfectly well without it, and that's been the case for a long while. So the only reason we do the show is because we love doing it. That, of course, has the downside that if we ever think we're just turning up and doing it for the sake of it, we don't want to do that, but you know, I mean, I sort of vaguely assume that at some point in the future, whenever that is, we'll do some more Sherlock Holmes."

No updated word from Cumberbatch on his availability for a new season, but be assured that we'll report to you as soon as we hear.