Steven Universe Future Reveals New Synopsis

Cartoon Network today revealed a whole bunch of new details about Steven Universe Future, the upcoming epilogue series that's set after the events of both the original Steven Universe show in addition to Steven Universe: The Movie. At the end of the movie, nearly everything seemed wrapped up, but it would appear that this is not the case, and Steven and his pals are set to return once more this December to figure it all out -- and a newly expanded synopsis teases some potentially dark turns for the show.

Here's how Cartoon Network describes Steven Universe Future in the press release announcing these details:

"In the next installment, Steven Universe Future, after saving the universe, Steven is still at it, tying up every loose end. But as he runs out of other people’s problems to solve, he’ll finally have to face his own. Haunted by the past and lost in the present, Steven begins manifesting new, uncontrollable powers that the Crystal Gems have never seen from him before. What does it all mean, and what does Steven want for his future?"

That first chunk there about running out of other people's problems is old, but everything from the part where he's haunted by the past on is seemingly totally new. What sort of new powers are we talking about here? And, as the description also states, what does it all mean? The four back-to-back episodes of the premiere likely won't answer these questions directly, but they may includes hints at the greater whole.

"Future is extremely meaningful to me because it's a story we can only tell now, after the events of the original show, and the events of the movie," Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar says. "This limited series is, for many of us who have been with the crew since the very beginning, our chance to reflect and to give the last few pieces of the puzzle we've been designing since 2012. But it’s also our chance to look forward, to work with new artists and writers and feature their voices within the Steven Universe universe. I'm so grateful to the team that came together on Future, and so excited for the world to see what's next for Steven Universe."

Here's the official poster for Steven Universe Future, which has perhaps the best look yet at the new logo:

Steven Universe Future poster full
(Photo: Cartoon Network)

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Steven Universe Future is set to premiere with four back-to-back episodes on Saturday, December 7th, at 8PM ET. Cartoon Network has not yet announced how many episodes Steven Universe Future will be comprised of, but the press release indicates that additional episodes will continue to air after the premiere. When, where, and how many remains a mystery. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Steven Universe right here.