Stranger Things 4 Producer Says Sadie Sink's Max Is the Core of New Season

We're on the cusp of the release of Season 4 of Stranger Things, bringing the latest installment of the beloved Netflix series to life. After several years of waiting, fans are waiting to see exactly what the future holds for the series' roster of characters, especially following the release of several emotional teaser trailers. Those teasers have hinted at some particularly dire moments for Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) — and according to an interview with the show's creative team, that will manifest in Season 4. In a recent interview with IGN, producer and director Shawn Levy teased that Max has a storyline that Sink was able to "really sink her teeth into this year." In particular, the fourth episode of the season, which is directed by Levy, is described as "a Sadie anthem."

"This, to me, is one of the core superpowers of the Duffer brothers," Levy explained. "They have a plan. They always have a plan, but they always watch and adjust based on what the actors deliver. So for instance, Joe Keery – Steve Harrington – that was going to be a one-episode part. Then it became a one-season part. Then it became a multi-season core franchise character. Why? Because Joe Keery f-cking delivered."

"Max in Season 4 is a little bit closer to where she was in Season 2, because she had this guard up just from being the new kid," Sink explained. "And then in Season 3, she relaxes into something and we get to see a more of a fun and comfortable version of Max. But with Season 4, she's reverted back to her old ways, but on another extreme. She took it to another level. So, in some ways it feels familiar, but it's really, it's just heartbreaking to see. It's almost like the life has been drained out of her."

"We've never seen a villain like this before," Sink said of new Big Bad Vecna. "It is interesting just how he chooses his next targets and everything," Sink says. "Everything's just a lot more personal."

Additionally, Season 4 is expected to see Max's relationship with Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) further evolve, as Max becomes more closed off and Lucas is on a "different path," after having joined the basketball team.

Season 4, Part I of Stranger Things premieres on May 27th and Part II premieres on July 1st.