Supernatural: Lawrence, Kansas Officially Proclaimed Hometown of Sam and Dean Winchester by Mayor

The end of Supernatural is finally upon us, and after over a decade of monster hunting and god [...]

The end of Supernatural is finally upon us, and after over a decade of monster hunting and god fighting the Winchester brothers are being recognized for their impact on pop culture thanks to the long-running series on The CW. While the two-part finale will put a cap on Sam and Dean's journey, their legacy will certainly last for a long time especially with the real-life achievements the show is being recognized for, including this major announcement from Jennifer Ananda, the mayor of Lawrence, Kansas. The city just revealed that they are officially recognizing Supernatural's Sam and Dean Winchester, proclaiming the duo for their honorary hometown.

The proclamation claims, "While never perfect, Sam & Dean Winchester fought for what was right & good ― family, friends, fairness and helping others. They represent true Kansans, & especially Lawrencians, rising literally from the flames of death more than once, & persevering through difficulties."

Sam Winchester actor Jared Padalecki responded to the news with a tweet thanking the City of Lawrence, but also asking for some leniency when it comes to crimes committed and outstanding fines. Apparently, Baby has earned quite a few speeding tickets during her time racing the highways and backroads.

This prompted a humorous response from Mayor Ananda. The elected official took to social media after the announcement was made public, in response to Padalecki's tweet.

Hype for the finale of Supernatural is at a high as we approach the endgame, and even The CW boss Mark Pedowitz is stoked. The executive indicated that fans would not be disappointed with the final episodes in the series.

"You say, 'What can they do for the [series finale]?' and let me tell you: They pull it off. It's great, it's just great," Pedowitz explained to The Hollywood Reporter. "And to their credit, they gave a great goodbye to their fans at the very end of the show, so kudos to them."

Co-showrunner Andrew Dabb also spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the finale. During the interview, he revealed how actors Padalecki and co-star Jensen Ackles contributed to the show's conclusion.

"Everything is pretty mythology-focused up until the finale," said Dabb. "[The finale] is a little bit more of an old-school episode... When we were going to shoot the episodes, I did a final re-read and made some final tweaks. Jared [Padalecki] weighed in and Jensen [Ackles] weighed in, and [co-showrunner] Bob Singer. We just wanted to really make sure it was landing the right way."

Supernatural series finale airs on The CW on Thursday, November 19th.