Ted Lasso Star Addresses Spinoff Tease in Final Episode

Hannah Waddingham admits she's interested in extending the life of her Rebecca.

The passionate following of Ted Lasso and its critical acclaim made it hard for fans to believe Season 3 would really be its sendoff, with the series finale including teases that, while the series might be ending, the characters' lives weren't coming to an end, which included the tease that Hannah Waddingham's Rebecca was interested in forming a Richmond team for the women's league. Waddingham confirmed that, while she's seemingly unaware of any plan for a spin-off series, her performance, as well as her costar Juno Temple's reaction, were merely what they felt in the moment as opposed to tipping audiences off to what the future could hold.

"When Juno and I read that, we didn't know how we wanted to convey our excitement about the potential of that," Waddingham shared with the Los Angeles Times. "[In the script] I was meant to look up from the folder and just be like, 'Oh, it's on.' But we couldn't contain our excitement. So if you look at it, we do have a moment of 'Aghhhh!' The hard part is the fact that unless I play her, Rebecca doesn't exist anymore. And I want to see her through. If you are left at a moment with the character, you want to see them through that moment. Does it work with her and the Dutchman? Does she have a female league? I mean, I hope so! It feels like it's finished but not finished, because none of our lives are."

With only months having passed since the series finale, it seems a bit early to predict what the future could hold for any of these characters, as well as the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes also delaying any development of a spinoff.

Following the series' conclusion, Apple TV+ shared a photo from the finale, which sparked speculation that a continuation of the narrative was imminent. Writer and star Brett Goldstein was quick to dismiss the notion.

"For the record, none of us were involved in that," Goldstein shared with Entertainment Weekly last month. "I think it was just, here's a picture from the show, and I think a lot of people may have misinterpreted it. What would that potential [spinoff] be? Well, yeah, it'd be Roy making chocolate biscuits for Rebecca, and Beard and Roy working out who could communicate least. And Nate doing all the good stuff. And a lot of bloody laughs along the way."

Stay tuned for updates on the possible future of Ted Lasso.

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