Freakazoid to Return in Upcoming Teen Titans Go! Episode

Teen Titans GO! has taken an incredibly irreverent approach to superhero lore, with multiple [...]

Teen Titans GO! has taken an incredibly irreverent approach to superhero lore, with multiple seasons of ridiculous, off the wall content. A lot of that has included crossover episodes with everything from the PowerPuff Girls to the Scooby-Doo Gang to the previous iteration of the Teen Titans. If that wasn't enough, a surprising fan-favorite superhero will soon be joining that list. The description for the upcoming 35th episode of the show's sixth season, titled "Hugbees", confirms an appearance from Freakazoid, the animated superhero who first debuted in his own series in the mid-1990s. The description mentions "the Brain teams up with The Lobe, so the Titans enlist the help of Freakazoid to stop them."

Paul Rugg, who voiced Freakazoid in his original series, confirmed the cameo on his Twitter account, calling the episode script "pretty funny".

Created by Batman the Animated Series' Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Freakazoid initially premiered in 1995, chronicling the off-the-wall adventures of Dexter Douglas, a teenager who moonlights as a superhero. The series ran for two seasons through 1997, and the character even cameoed on Animaniacs from time to time. While the series was cancelled after two seasons, it has since grown into a cult classic, especially thanks to reruns on Cartoon Network.

Freakazoid's return to television on Teen Titans GO! is certainly interesting, especially given the recent resurgence of other Spielberg-produced animated series. A long-awaited revival of Animaniacs is set to arrive on Hulu later this month, and it was recently announced that a new Tiny Toons series will be coming to both HBO Max and Cartoon Network. Whether or not this could potentially lead to Freakazoid coming back in a larger capacity remains to be seen.

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New episodes of Teen Titans GO! air Saturdays on Cartoon Network.