The Boys Star Antony Starr Arrested, Given Suspended Prison Sentence

Antony Starr from The Boys has been arrested and given a suspended prison sentence. The Amazon actor got served 12 months for assaulting a chef in Spain. According to The Daily Mail, The Boys star was working on a project with Guy Ritchie when he ran into some trouble. While in Costa Blanca, the actor punched Bathuel Araujo inside of a pub. The chef explained that he had been struck twice and had a glass smashed in his face. Pub ownership quickly threw Starr out but the situation started up again once Araujo went outside. From there, the superhero TV star was taken into custody and had a very quick trial. In summary, the actor would be able to evade jail time if he paid over $4,000 to the victim in 72 hours. Also, most places in Spain rarely enforce sentences less than two years. Both the state prosecution and Starr came to an agreement on the conviction.

Araujo claims that Starr threatened him in English. Telling The Daily Mail, "You don't know who you've messed with, you don't know who I am and what you've done… You've committed the mistake of your life and I'm going to look for you. I want to kill you."

A court official spoke about the details of this case as well. "A speedy trial ended up taking place and Alicante Court of Investigation Number Nine, acting as a duty court, sentenced the arrested man to 12 months in prison and the payment of a fine of £4,141 for a crime of wounding."

"The detainee's state of drunkenness was taken into account as an extenuating factor. The sentence was the result of an agreement between the state prosecution service and the man who was subsequently convicted. His prison sentence is being suspended on the condition that he doesn't commit another crime in two years and pays the compensation in the next 72 hours."

In later comments, a spokesman for Spain's National Police confirmed some other details for the press on the ground.


"I can confirm a 46-year-old man was arrested following an incident at a pub in Alicante around 2.30am on March 2. He was held on suspicion of wounding," they said. "He has spent two nights in police cells and is due to appear in court later today. Another man suffered a cut near his left eyebrow which required four stitches. Only the one arrest was made."

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