The Boys Creator Reveals One Note Amazon Had About Herogasm Episode

This week, what is probably the most eagerly-anticipated episode of Amazon Prime Video's The Boys finally arrived. That's right, the long awaited and much talked about "Herogasm" episode finally debuted this week, complete with an extensive (albeit very tongue-in-cheek) content warning and for good reason. As fans of the comic book the series is based on know, there is a lot of sexual content in "Herogasm", after all, it is a superhero orgy. But while one might expect that Amazon would have some notes for series creator Eric Kripke on how to approach the episode, it turns out there was just one.

Kripke told Variety that the one note Amazon had about the infamous episode was that viewers need to be aware at every moment the orgy was a superhero affair, something that Kripke said led to them adding quite a few more gags and effects.

"The one note we got from Amazon, which was a good note, was, 'In ever moment, we need to understand that this is a superhero orgy, and not just an orgy,'" Kripke said. "We actually added afterwards a lot of new gags and visual effects. Like, I love that there's a floating Starlight vibrator that's just cruising around the party. That was not origially scripted or in there. We added that in VFX later. There's a lot of moments like that that are just kind of happening in the background."

Kripke also noted that there elements of the comics version of Herogasm that he was "not interested in touching" and explained that for as wild as the show is, the comics go further and they had to decide what was right for them.

"For as crazy as the show is, the comic is exponentially crazier," he explained. "And there were some things in there that I just would not want to touch — literally or figuratively. So, it was more about us trying ot decide what feels right for the tone and that usual battle for us — what's outrageous but never gratuitous?"

Still even with the show finding its own tone for things, series star Jack Quaid previously said that he feels it stayed true to the comics.

"I read all of the comic books when I was cast as Hughie, and 'Herogasm' was one of those issues where I was like, 'Okay, we need to do this or some version of this because this is the craziest thing I've ever read," Quaid said. "I think we definitely stayed true to the comic. I can't really say much about 'Herogasm'. I think the joy of 'Herogasm' is figuring out what exactly that means, watching it for yourself, seeing how it unfolds. That goes into places where you wouldn't necessarily expect it to go."

Six episodes of The Boys' season three are now available with the final two episodes arriving over the next two weeks.