The Boys: Homelander Has a Terrifying Plan for Queen Maeve

Spoilers follow for this week's episode of The Boys! For most of season three of The Boys, fan-favorite supe Queen Maeve has been in training, prepping for the time and place when she'll eventually have to face Homelander and take him down. Her plans were thwarted two episodes ago when she was confronted by her former partner about her relationship with Billy Butcher, and if anything between them was ever even real. Maeve tells him that "from the start," she hated him, but she also pitied him. This does not go over well naturally, and sees Black Noir attack her. Now we know what Homelander did with Maeve and what he's planning.

After Starlight calls out the disappearance of Maeve on social media, something refuted by Vought as "Maeve is in rehab," this week's episode reveals that Homelander has been holding Maeve inside a sterile, sealed chamber somewhere in Vought Tower. Antony Starr's supe tries to reason with Maeve, highlight Soldier Boy's ability to remove the Compound V from people he comes into contact with, this sounds like a good time to Maeve though. When she confronts him about why he keeps her alive, Homelander reveals his terrifying plan for her: having children with her.

It's not as simple as just having offspring with Homelander however, she quickly reveals that she'll shatter anything he "sticks in her," but that's when it gets worse. Homelander then mentions he intends to harvest her eggs, making sure that even if she dies somehow that their children can still be born, and he can raise them. It's a horrifying thought to ponder, but especially because Homelander seems to only want this so he can use their kids as a buffer layer to protect himself. The threat of Soldier Boy and his powers seems like exactly the kind of thing that can bring everything crumbling down for him, granted the show's big twist in the end that reveals Soldier Boy is actually his biological father might present a change to Homelander's plans.

Queen Maeve concludes the scene with a tremendous line though, telling Homelander: "This is still a top 3 day in my life, because today is the day I saw you scared." By the time the episode ends we get no other scenes with Maeve, so we have to assume she's still locked up. One episode remains of the new season.