The Boys' Nathan Mitchell Addresses Black Noir's Season 2 Fate

As fans of The Boys were promised leading into Season Two, Black Noir (Nate Mitchell) had a much larger role. It only took a matter of minutes in the show's sophomore outing before Black Noir was thrown into the thick of it and, as it turns out, fans were quick to find out the supe is arguably the strongest character in Vought's entire organization. His arc, however, comes to a rather sudden end. Fret not, because we caught up with Mitchell to chat about the future of the character.

Full spoilers up ahead. Proceed with caution if you've yet to see the second season of The Boys!

Throughout the duration of the season, Noir is tasked with stalking The Boys in an attempt to scrub them from the face of the planet. Though he comes close at a few points, he's eventually charged with keeping watching over Starlight (Erin Moriarty) after she was outed as Vought's mole.

It's this situation that leads to a fight between Noir and Starlight, one which almost kills the latter...until Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) steps in to stop it in the most Boys way possible. You see, Black Noir is deathly allergic to almonds and the supe force-feeds him an Almond Joy until he's knocked unconscious and lifeless.

"Basically, the way I would say it is Noir comes pretty close to death. Anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock is very serious and he took a strong dose of it and he had his EpiPen nearby and fought, whoever was able to get him and stabilize him," Mitchell tells us.

As the actor says, Noir's still alive even though he's in rough shape. While the actor stopped short of confirming the character would return in the show's third season, he hints the supe will be forever changed by the near-death experience.

"But he was this close. It's a real thing for him. And in episode eight we see that he's pretty knocked out," the actor adds. "He's pretty close to the... He's essentially incapacitated. He's not dead and hopefully he will come back before most think he will. But it definitely isn't something to be take lightly."


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