The Boys Showrunner Reveals New Look at Butcher and Homelander for Season 2

Work on most Hollywood productions has shut down in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. [...]

Work on most Hollywood productions has shut down in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Shows like Amazon's The Boys, however, have wrapped principal photography and are now in post-production, meaning people like The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke can continue work on the series remotely. As Kripke helps those (from afar) in the editing room continue cutting down the show in preparation for its debut later this year, the screenwriter uploaded a few never-before-seen stills from the series to his personal Twitter account Sunday afternoon.

"Raging case of Apocalypse Anxiety?" Kripke asks his followers. "There's a cure! Watch #TheBoysTV on @PrimeVideo! See the show reviewers call "blasphemous" & "a sick work of perversion."

He adds, "And I'm hard at work (remotely) on #Season2. Here's a few shots!" As you might expect, neither of the shots is too revealing. They're simple head-on shots of both Homelander (Anthony Starr) and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban).

We still don't know much about the show's sophomore outing, which will likely pick up immediately following the massive cliffhanger at the end of the first season. We do know by now the series will feature the live-action debut of a new hero named Stormfront, someone Kripke previously teased as a twisted individual.

"Our version of Stormfront kind of evolves over the season," Kripke told "We're all news junkies, and we tend to pay attention to things that are happening out there in the world...And I am horrified and sad to report that there is a rise of white nationalism. And it's taking a very different form than it took in the 40s. It takes a very social media savvy trying to attract young men and women form. And so, we got really interested in creating a character that could represent that for us. And so, as I would say, it's not the version in the book, but I would say they have the same rotten soul."

The Boys Season Two has yet to set a release date. The first season of the hit show is now streaming on Amazon.