The Boys Season Two Twist Foreshadowed In Premiere Episode

The Boys' second season has wrapped on Amazon, revealing a number of revelations when it comes to [...]

The Boys' second season has wrapped on Amazon, revealing a number of revelations when it comes to the "heroes" of the Seven and the resistance that is looking to put a stop to the Vought fueled team, and one of the biggest revelations came about when the identity of the "head popper" was revealed, which was foreshadowed in the first episode of the latest season! With the season finale seeing plenty of death and destruction, The Boys will certainly have a far different landscape when it comes to season three, which has already been confirmed to arrive down the line by Amazon.

Warning! If you have yet to watch the season finale for The Boys' Second Season, you are hereby warned that we are going to dive into some deep spoiler territory!

One of the biggest mysteries of this season has been just who has been blowing up folks' heads throughout season two, with it being revealed in the final minutes of the finale that it was none other than Congresswoman Neuman doing so! An ally of The Boys throughout the latest installments, Neuman blew up the head of the leader of the Church of the Collective, which had been assisting both The Deep and A-Train in returning to the Seven. Victoria being a "Supe" is definitely a staggering revelation, especially considering that the season ends with Hughie joining her campaign in a bid to leave his previous life behind him, while still dating Starlight.

The Boys Season Two Twist
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Earlier in the season, the "head popper" had first popped the head of the CIA Agent Raynor who was looking to bring down Vought during her meeting with The Boys. Revealing that Neuman was behind these deaths all along is especially shocking considering that she had used her powers during the court room scene that was looking to put the final nail in the coffin for both the higher ups at the company and potentially the Seven themselves.

The foreshadowing of the twist came about when Raynor's head popped and the episode then smash cut directly to an image of Neuman herself, giving us a big clue that many might not have seen!

Though a release date for season three has yet to be confirmed, the writers' room behind The Boys has already confirmed that they are working right now to bring about the next big installments of the series. With Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame joining the show as "Soldier Boy", there are clearly big things in the works for season three!

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