The Flash Actor Robbie Amell is Ready For Firestorm's Return

Despite the problems associated with bringing fan-favorite actors back to The CW's shared [...]

Despite the problems associated with bringing fan-favorite actors back to The CW's shared "Arrowverse" of DC Comics adaptations after their characters have gone away, former The Flash star Robbie Amell admits that he's ready for the return of Firestorm to The CW. During an appearance on the Comic Book Nation podcast in support of his series Code 8 for Quibi, the actor said that while he wants ot be careful about stealing screen time away from actual, current regulars on the series, he would never say no if he was asked to make a guest appearance on The CW's biggest superhero hit.

Fans will remember that during the first season of The Flash, Amell played Ronnie Raymond, one half of the nuclear-powered superhero Firestorm (along with former Legends of Tomorrow regular Victor Garber). At the start of the show's second season, in time for Legends to launch, Amell's character was killed and Firestorm moved over to Legends with Franz Drameh in the role.

"I would always go back to The Flash," Amell said. "I love all those people. It would be great to work with Danielle some more and Grant, and that whole cast....I'll never say never when they call."

Amell has returned to the Arrowverse a few times, mostly playing doppelgangers of Ronnie from alternate Earths, but sometimes the Earth-1 Ronnie in flashback. Jefferson Jackson, the role played by Drameh, has moved on from being a superhero and retired to raise a kid -- more or less the same thing Drameh has done since Garber decided to leave Legends. Garber's Professor Martin Stein was killed during the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover two years ago.

Caitlyn Snow (Danielle Panabaker), the character to whom Ronnie Raymond was engaged, has steadily become a larger and larger presence on The Flash, with her alter-ego Killer Frost taking on a personality of her own and, most recently, serious problems of her own, too. For that reason alone, it could be interesting to see her reconnect with some version of Ronnie for an episode.

The Flash is set to have its sixth-season finale on Tuesday -- part of a season truncated by a shutdown of production due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. British Columbia plans to open up production in the summer, although producers have suggested that the Arrowverse shows might stay out of production until as late as the fall, likely putting them at a January premiere date.

You can catch Amell in Code 8 for Quibi, a spinoff of the film he and his cousin (Arrow star Stephen Amell) created of the same name.