The Flash Actor Explains the Problem with Bringing Arrowverse Characters Back

DC's Arrowverse has grown from its humble beginning in Arrow, into an entire sprawling DC Universe that has featured more DC Comics characters than we can keep count of. While the Arrowverse provides a nice live-action version of the DC Universe, it can also be too much of a good thing. The parameters of television production make balancing time between all the various characters of the Arrowverse a tricky balancing act. As The Flash actor Robbie Amell tells it, one of the most challenging parts of the Arrowverse is bringing back former guest stars for new cameos, in what is already a very crowded character roster.

Speaking with the ComicBook Nation Podcast (regarding his new film and spin-off series, Code 8), Robbie Amell stated that he would love to return to The Flash and/or Arrowvese - but not at the expense of stealing screen time from actors who work hard every week to keep the show going:

"I would always go back to The Flash," Amell said. "With that it's a little more difficult because it's not fair to not be there, and then come in and try and be you know a main character. So it's fun to be able to come in and cameo but they have so many characters that are due their time, that you never want to be the guy that's coming in and stealing anything away."

The Flash Robbie Amell Returning Characters Problem

Amell does make a point that a lot of DC fans maybe haven't considered about the Arrowverse. For every guest or recurring star that shows up for an episode and needs development, that's less screen time for the lead and supporting cast. Arrowverse shows already tend to follow a "villain of the week" formula; that's already an almost weekly commitment to giving the bad guy screen time, without factoring some of the recurring good guys from across the Arrowverse who can also show up.

The Flash had Robbie Amell play Ronnie Raymond, one of S.T.A.R. Labs' team members, and the fiancee fo Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker). After the particle accelerator explosion, Ronnie