The Flash: Iris' Time in the Mirror Universe Will "Haunt Her" for a While

The second half of The Flash's Season 6 has been a challenging one for the whole team, but for Iris West-Allen those challenges have taken on an entirely new dimension -- literally. She's been trapped in a Mirror Dimension and while the season is working its way towards dealing with that predicament, Iris' time in what is tantamount to a prison world is something that showrunner Eric Wallace says will have a profound impact on her for some time to come -- though there are good things coming for Iris as well.

Note: mild spoilers for Tuesday's episode, "Liberation", below.

Speaking with, Wallace revealed that Iris (Candice Patton) will, eventually, escape the Mirror Dimension, but there will be a lot -- both physically and emotionally -- to recover from.

"There will be, for Iris, both physical and emotional trauma in trying to recover," Wallace said. "Then when she eventually because, let's face it, at some point she will get out of the Mirror Dimension, but there will be a cost to pay emotionally in a big way and again, no spoilers, it's not something that's resolved in an episode. It's going to haunt her quite a while."

Fans got a taste of some of what may haunt Iris in Tuesday night's "Liberation". After Barry (Grant Gustin) figured out the truth about Mirror Iris, Eva (Efrat Dor) forced Iris to watch as her Mirror Dimension double viciously attacked Barry, gravely wounding him. Iris was powerless to stop her and, by the end of the episode, remained trapped in the Mirror Dimension, now aware that her friends Kamilla (Victoria Park) and Singh (Patrick Sabongui) are also trapped in there with her somewhere as well. It's a lot to take on, but Iris pledges to find her way back home, a deeply emotional moment that sets up the rest of the season to follow.

"That's the strange part is there's a really delightful beat tonight because remember it's Barry discovering what Iris already knows and what Iris has been wanting for all these weeks," he said. "What does that mean? And how can they communicate with each other? Well, I will just say that love can sometimes conquer all barriers including dimensional ones. And as for the future, I want to say this without spoilers, let's say the ramifications of these next three episodes really set up all of season seven. It's that big."

Wallace also teased that a happy ending is still on the horizon for Barry and Iris as well.


"But, as I said before, it's also going to bring Barry and Iris closer together, which at the end of the day I think audiences are going to just love where we're going," Wallace said. "Because I like happy endings and I hope they do, too."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.