The Flash Showrunner Says Latest Twist Will Bring Barry and Iris Closer

Last week on The Flash, The CW series saw a devastating development in Barry and Iris' relationship. After Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) left to go into witness protection, back at home Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) fought about the situation, with Iris upset that Barry didn't use what precious little of his speed was left to come get her so that she could say goodbye. The argument escalated and then ended with Iris throwing Barry out of their home. However, as fans know, the "Iris" Barry's been interacting with isn't really his wife. It's a false "Mirror Iris", something that Barry is set to discover this week and, according to series showrunner Eric Wallace, it's a discovery that will ultimately bring the West-Allen couple closer.

Speaking with, Wallace said that Barry's discovery about Mirror Iris is something that actually helps him greatly and brings the hero closer than ever to his real wife, who is still trapped in the Mirror Dimension.

"Discovering that the woman he's been cohabitating with for the last six weeks not only turns his life upside down, but it also rights the ship," Wallace explained. "It also gives him clarity. You're going to see in tonight's episode is him coming to terms and kind of dealing with the person that he's been living with has not been the person that he loves, and in a strange way, it's going to bring Barry and Iris closer together than they've ever been before."

Wallace also teased that Tuesday night's episode, "Liberation", will show that love finds a way to conquer all -- as well as set up for what's next in The Flash's Season 7.

"That's the strange part is there's a really delightful beat tonight because remember it's Barry discovering what Iris already knows and what Iris has been wanting for all these weeks," he said. "What does that mean? And how can they communicate with each other? Well, I will just say that love can sometimes conquer all barriers including dimensional ones. And as for the future, I want to say this without spoilers, let's say the ramifications of these next three episodes really set up all of season seven. It's that big."

And the Barry/Iris situation isn't the only thing that's going to be big going forward, either. Tuesday's episode will also see Barry dealing with the ramifications of his dwindling speed -- and that something major is happening at "the worst time for Barry Allen".

"So, it's a pressing concern at the same time as Black Hole and all of their kind of bad folks grow in power, Barry is getting weaker, so he's in a really bad situation," Wallace said. "That's going to play out literally in tonight's episode when a very unexpected adversary shows a side of themselves that we haven't seen before at the worst time for Barry Allen because he's never needed to speed more than tonight."


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Liberation" airs tonight, Tuesday, April 28th.