The Flash Showrunner Says "There Will Be Tears" in Season 7 Premiere

Tuesday night's The Flash Season 6 finale may not have been the finale that was originally planned [...]

Tuesday night's The Flash Season 6 finale may not have been the finale that was originally planned for the season thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but it certainly left fans with a shocking cliffhanger. While Eva (Efrat Dor) succeeded in her plans against her husband in the real world, Iris (Candice Patton) remained trapped in the Mirrorverse and, in the last moments of the episode, disappeared in a bright display of reflected light her fate left a mystery. As it turns out, while we may not yet know where Iris went it probably isn't good. Series showrunner Eric Wallace teases that there will be tears in the Season 7 premiere.

Speaking with TVLine, Wallace made it clear that Iris did not disappear to a better place -- and we'll find out where exactly she went in the Season 7 premiere.

"Uh, no. No. That's not possible," Wallace said when asked if it were possible that Iris went to a better place. "Not yet. She'll get there, though."

"These last three episodes of this season were already written, and in fact the episode after this, where you get to see exactly where Iris went to, has already been 90-percent shot," he continued. "So, it's very strange for me that we were one day away from finishing that episode which suddenly is our Season 7 premiere. Fortunately, you find out where Iris went and, oh boy, will there be tears. Oh my. Tears in our season premiere."

For fans that can't wait until the Season 7 premiere to find out where Iris went, however, there are some major clues in "Success Is Assured" that Wallace says will tell fans everything that's set to happen next.

"Oh God, yes. In fact, as I watched this episode, I got worried that you can figure out everything that's coming — because I know, having read the scripts, but also all the clues are there if you've been paying attention," Wallace said. "We've literally told you everything that's going to happen. Literally."

Despite the tears expected in the Season 7 premiere, though, fans shouldn't give up hope for Iris. Wallace previously told that love does conquer all.

"That's the strange part is there's a really delightful beat tonight because remember it's Barry discovering what Iris already knows and what Iris has been wanting for all these weeks," he said. "What does that mean? And how can they communicate with each other? Well, I will just say that love can sometimes conquer all barriers including dimensional ones. And as for the future, I want to say this without spoilers, let's say the ramifications of these next three episodes really set up all of season seven. It's that big."

Where do you think Iris ended up in the Season 6 finale of The Flash? Are you already looking forward to the Season 7 premiere? Let us know in the comments below.