Star Wars: Jon Favreau on How Long He Plans to Make New Seasons of The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is the show that helped launch Disney+, and more than three years later it remains the centerpiece of the Star Wars universe on television. The acclaimed series is in its third season and, despite the fact that it takes place in a set period of time between two movie trilogies, it appears there's no real end in sight. Executive producer and co-creator Jon Favreau plans to continue making The Mandalorian (and its spinoff shows) until he stops enjoying it. That isn't likely to happen any time soon.

"I don't know what would make me not enjoy doing it, especially as long as the audience is connecting with these characters," Favreau told EW in a recent interview. "This feels like a really enjoyable moment. And I love this format of telling one chapter at a time and keeping the audience guessing, but also fulfilling certain expectations."

The Star Wars filmmaker went on to talk about his experience with the TV universe, which now includes several different shows in addition to The Mandalorian.

"I really have been enjoying this tremendously and I love these characters and I love seeing how they're growing together," Favreau explained. "I've really enjoyed working with this group of people and I love collaborating with all these different filmmakers and different storytellers, both from the directors we work with, and other showrunners like Dave [Filoni] and others like [Skeleton Crew's] Jon Watts and Chris Ford."

"It's a really wonderful format, and you really grow to appreciate having such a good team around you that, for each new film, you would have to assemble," he continued. "But [with The Mandalorian] we get to inherit this great group of talented people that we could work with every year."

The Mandalorian is currently in its third season, and the spinoff series Ahsoka is coming soon, with Rosario Dawson reprising her role as the titular Force-wielder. Other upcoming shows include Skeleton Crew, which takes place in the same era as The Mandalorian, and The Acolyte, which is set during the High Republic.

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