The Night Agent Creator Confirms Major Changes for Season 2 (Exclusive)

Netflix has a new mega-hit on its hands in the form of The Night Agent. The FBI thriller series, based on Matthew Quirk's novel of the same name, has already become one of the most popular Netflix shows of all time. It only took Netflix six days to renew The Night Agent for a second season, but fans should expect the sophomore effort to look a lot different than the record-breaking debut season.

The finale of The Night Agent Season 1 sees Peter Sutherland Jr. getting an international assignment, having wrapped up the White House conspiracy that was the focus of the first 10 episodes. Creator and executive producer Shawn Ryan recently spoke with about what's to come for The Night Agent, making it clear that there will be a lot of changes in Season 2, which was always part of the plan for the series.

"When I pitched it to Netflix, I essentially said, This is an ongoing show, but each season will be its own self-contained story. And then future seasons would have very few characters porting over from the previous season,'" Ryan told us. "We're not trying to keep seven or eight characters going throughout multiple seasons. We want to tell really impactful stories where things can change and change quickly. Where we don't have to worry about maintaining the status quo from episode to episode. And I also pitched the idea that we'd be in a different world with different circumstances each season."

Ryan went on to elaborate on that final point, confirming The Night Agent will be leaving Washington, D.C. behind in its second season, following Peter to a different part of the world.

"So one thing I will tell you about Season 2 is it does not take place in the DC area, which is where Season 1 took place," the producer said. "So we'll be in a different part of the world exploring different characters than we had in Season 1. And we're determining who from Season 1 might appear in Season 2. But essentially we're going to be telling a whole brand new story, which is exciting and scary. And with the high bar that Season 1 set for audience expectations, we feel that pressure too. And so we're just going to do our best to tell a story that feels within The Night Agent universe, but that feels new, fresh, and exciting."

There's only one Night Agent book, so there isn't a blueprint for fans to follow going into Season 2 of the TV series. Ryan and the creative team quite literally have a blank slate to work with going forward.

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