The Office’s Kate Flannery and Andy Buckley Share What Their Characters Would Be Up to in 2021

The Office may have ended back in 2013, but it's still a fan-favorite sitcom. In fact, folks are [...]

The Office may have ended back in 2013, but it's still a fan-favorite sitcom. In fact, folks are loving its new home on Peacock thanks to some sweet bonus features. In honor of the show moving streaming services, recently had the chance to chat with Kate Flannery (Meredith Palmer) and Andy Buckley (David Wallace) about their time on the series. Since we're living in uncertain times, we asked both actors what their characters would be up to in 2021.

"Tinder? No, in a basement in Scranton," Flannery said of Meredith. "Safe and sound, a little bar set up. Yeah, I think she's a survivor. So I don't think she'd be too reckless in that department. I think she keep herself safe. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She was like a cockroach. I don't think she's going anywhere, right?"

"He'd be relaxing with his 20 million bucks, come on," Buckley added of David. "He would have bought some Apple shares with it and he'd be calling. He and Teddy probably have a recording studio and they're gonna do, you know, 'Suck It' 2.0." Buckley then pulled out his "Suck It" shirt and added, "You know, we're gonna break out the old 'Suck It' sweatshirt, come on... I'm a fan, you know."

We love how much they clearly still love the show! Both actors also revealed their favorite moments featuring their characters, and we absolutely adore their choices.

"I guess it's getting to sing the 'Suck It' song, sitting in the hot tub with Steve [Carell], drinking, you know, Yuengling as you know, which is the big Pennsylvania beer," Buckley shared. "You know, I mean, I guess that was sort of it. The Michael Scott Paper Company negotiation was a ton of fun. 'I mean, we're talking about a multi-million dollar buyout here. Your company cannot be worth that much.'"

"It's hard to pick one, but I will say 'Moroccan Christmas,' when Michael Scott ... is dragging Meredith into rehab in the parking lot. That was really one of my favorite things. Paul Feig was directing. The whole thing was improvised, which is rare. Normally, I got to improvise once in a while, like, in a scene but not the whole thing. Because I think they were planning on putting a voiceover on top of it," Flannery explained. "There was one, but you could still hear us. Which I, you know, working with Steve [Carell]. I mean, he's the master. It was like a masterclass every time. And being one-on-one with him was always the biggest gift."

You can watch our interview with Flannery at the top of the page and our chat with Buckley here.

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