The Office Fan Makes the Raddest Prison Mike Mural You'll Ever See

This coronavirus quarantine has given many of people plenty things to do, whether it be binging the entire Netflix catalog, finally reading those books that have been gathering dust on the bookshelf, or a whole host of other Instagram-worthy opportunities from home. In the case of one dedicated fan of The Office, quarantine time has led to one of the coolest murals dedicated to the show you'll ever see. u/Thechalkingdad recently shared an image of he and his daughter after they completed a sidewalk chalk mural of Steve Carell's "Prison Mike" character from an incredibly popular episode of the single-cam comedy.

First shared to the r/DunderMifflin, the post has since gathered upwards of 51,000 upvotes as of this writing and is one of the most popular posts the subreddit has ever seen. The same artist subsequently uploaded the same shot to Instagram, where fans of the show started lobbying The Office alumnus John Krasinski to feature to work of art on his new web-series Some Good News.

For those lost on the whole joke of it all, the Prison Mike character pops up in the third-season episode "The Convict." There, Michael Scott's (Steve Carell) subordinates joke that working at Dunder-Mifflin is a worse gig than being at jail. Wearing his heart on his sleeve as is usual, Michael takes the jokes personally and creates his Prison Mike persona to "scare them straight." While the method doesn't necessarily work to right the Dunder-Mifflin ship, luckily it did provide fans of the sitcom plenty of memeable moments and quotable lines.


All nine seasons of The Office are now streaming on Netflix.

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