The Tick Can’t Find a New Home, Creator Announces End of Series

The Tick creator Ben Edlund announced Friday efforts to find the series a new home after its cancellation at Amazon have been unsuccessful.

“After much door-knocking we have found no new home for the Tick series in this current market,” Edlund tweeted. “#SaveTheTick & #LunaTickArmy I’m sorry we could not reward your glorious support with better news. I am so proud of the show, of the cast and crew and writers, and so warmed by the fans.”

In a subsequent tweet, Edlund said the team will “look for other opportunities to continue this story with this cast,” but admitted the current series must “come to its end.”

The streaming series, inspired by Edlund’s titular comic book superhero, starred Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman as crimefighter duo the Tick and Arthur.

Its sophomore season earned favorable response among critics — it holds 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with ten reviews counted — including a glowing review from Edlund’s series was well-liked by its devoted fanbase, who launched the #SaveTheTick hashtag campaign on social media in efforts to see the series renewed for a third season.

Edlund remains optimistic The Tick hasn’t been scratched off for good.

“Please continue to choose love and hope for good things,” he wrote in a third tweet. “And I think we might as well accept it as a law of the universe: when the time is right #TheTick always comes back...”


Responding to Edlund’s tweets, Newman tweeted, “We tried, folks. We really tried.”

“I’ll post a more thorough, emotional thing later saying goodbye to #TheTick once I’ve had a little more time to fully absorb. For now, I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who fought to keep our show alive,” Newman wrote. “We are eternally grateful. #SaveTheTick #LunaTickArmy.”