Princess and the Frog Spinoff Series Tiana Coming to Disney+

A Princess and the Frog spinoff series, Tiana, is coming to Disney+. The program will follow the [...]

A Princess and the Frog spinoff series, Tiana, is coming to Disney+. The program will follow the ending of the Disney Animation classic. There are a ton of responsibilities when it comes to being a princess, and Tiana is going to have to learn the ropes. Fans of the movies will be happy to learn that this project will be a musical as well. Songs are the lifeblood of any Disney animated feature, and it sounds like there will be plenty of music to be had between this show, Moana, Baymax!, and more. Fans are already ecstatic about the news on social media. Tiana has always been one of the Disney princesses that get overlooked for the classics. But, with younger audiences, Elsa, Moana, and the New Orleans Princess are all a big force. (If you visited Disneyland in the last three years, you've seen it firsthand.)

Disney CEO Bob Chapek started today's Investor Call off strong after Lowell Singer welcomed everyone in. A ton of fans tuned into this broadcast because of swirling rumors about what was coming to Disney+. There were murmurs of a brand new Star Wars project. That had everyone wondering along with the numerous Marvel announcements today as well. So, everyone is on cloud nine when it comes to Disney+ offerings today. After 2020's numerous hurdles, the company will be coming out swinging in 2021.

"While I wish we could be together for this, I think you'll find the presentation we have you to be truly spectacular," Chapek said. He highlights Disney+'s success in its first year. The "DTC" business model is a priority. "Given that storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at Disney, we're incredibly proud of how our stories ave been embraced by people around the world," he explains. "More than 1 billion people have identified themselves as true fans with deep connections to our brands." Disney+ has 86.8 million subscribers.

Chapek also stressed how curiosity becomes central for leading Disney into the future "with smart, bold risks and strategic investments" in their future."

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