Todd McFarlane Reveals What Needs to Happen to Get a Spawn Animated Series and TV Show Off the Ground

Though comic creator Todd McFarlane continues to push for a brand new Spawn feature film (he's already got a star in Jamie Foxx and producers in Blumhouse), but he's got his eye on where the franchise could live elsewhere afterward. Speaking with, we asked the fan-favorite writer/artist about the possibility of Spawn returning to the television sphere. As some fans may recall, Spawn previously lived on HBO with an animated series and now with HBO Max a focal point of WarnerMedia's blueprint, could he make a return? Todd certainly thinks so.

"We've had conversations about the animation and potentially even the TV show, live action TV show," McFarlane said. "So yes, to all of the above, right? I think it's still all will be driven, by the movie or if not, then in lieu of the movie, then I shift all my attention to a TV show. But for now I'm pretty bent on just getting the movie out. And I think that will tumble everything else. Then people go 'We need it on TV. We need some more animation. We need some video games, we need stuff. We like Spawn when's the next movie come?'"

On the video game front McFarlane also spoke about the potential for the character to return in an interactive adventure. The character has appeared in five of his own video games, and though he's appeared as DLC in current-gen titles, his last solo effort was seventeen years ago. As with the television prospects though, game interest requires success from the new movie.

"I've got some crazy ideas." McFarlane added. "I would have liked to see a cool video game of Spawn 10 years ago, but you have to be at the right place to right time because otherwise you don't get enough sales on it. And then they won't let you do a number two and a number three and a number four....So if a movie comes out and it does, you know, I think the business that it can do on a global level, then that tumbles and TV, and that can tumble animation and video (games)."

As for the Spawn movie, of which all the above hypotheticals depend, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is set to take on the titular role with Jeremy Renner attached to star as Detective Twitch. The film will also see The Walking Dead special makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero working behind the scenes as well as "a couple of [directors of photography] that have won [awards]," with producer Jason Blum backing it.

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