Two and a Half Men Alum Cast in Young Sheldon

Veteran sitcom executive producer Chuck Lorre is going back to the well for one of his shows as a [...]

Veteran sitcom executive producer Chuck Lorre is going back to the well for one of his shows as a new report revealed he's enlisted former Two and a Half Men co-star Melanie Lynskey for a role in his other series, Young Sheldon. According to TV Line, Lynsky will take on the role of Sheldon's philosophy teacher, Professor Ericson and appear in the show's episode set to air on February 11. That episode, appropriately titled "A Philosophy Class and Worms That Can Chase You," will showcase the titular genius on his first day of college which is "derailed by his new philosophy teacher."

It's unclear if Lynskey will have a bigger role throughout the current season of the series which returns with the above mentioned episode. What is also unclear is how many more episodes of Young Sheldon that CBS has in the can waiting to air. Production on the series has been stopped a few times due to positive COVID-19 tests and was forced to delay when filming restarted after the Christmas holidays. A number of other Southern California-based series were forced to extend their hiatus as well, but as far as we know production on Young Sheldon resumed two weeks ago.

Young Sheldon's fourth season began with the title character's graduation from high school, something that would have been seen earlier if it weren't for COVID-19.

"You know we've known for a long time on Big Bang that Sheldon graduated high school at 11 and it's nice to finally see it happen," Young Sheldon creator and executive producer Steve Molaro told ET. "I can tell you that this was intended to be the season 3 finale and because of COVID we got shut down two days into the shooting of it....I can tell you that there are certain scenes in it that were shot seven months ago but I don't think you would ever know, and there's a sweet little Big Bang surprise at the end of it."

Iain Armitage stars in Young Sheldon as the tituler adolescent version of Big Bang's popular character Sheldon Cooper, which was originated by Jim Parsons. The Emmy winning actor appeared as the original Sheldon in all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory and occasionally lends his voice to the spinoff, in addition to serving as an executive producer. Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Raegan Revord, and Annie Potts also star.

The first three seasons of Young Sheldon and every season of The Big Bang Theory are available for streaming on HBO Max.