The Office Spinoff Uncle Stan Raises $150,000 on Kickstarter in a Week

The past week has proved momentous for Leslie David Baker and his very active Uncle Stan [...]

The past week has proved momentous for Leslie David Baker and his very active Uncle Stan Kickstarter. Within the past week, the crowdfunding campaign for The Office spinoff has quadrupled its funding as it's now over two-thirds funded. Around a week ago, the campaign was hovering around the $55,000 mark and now, as of this writing, the campaign has officially crossed the $200,000 mark and sits at $218,745. That means there's just $81,255 to be raised before the project is completely funded.

This particular campaign is to fund the production of a pilot episode in hopes a network or streaming platform picks it up for a full-season order. At the very least, a major crowdfunding campaign can show a potential broadcast partner the desire a market has for a project and the rabid response to Uncle Stan seems to confirm a market exists for the product.

As Baker told us earlier this month, the series is set to follow "Uncle" Stan as he comes out of retirement to help a family member in need. "Originally Stanley was said to have retired in Florida to carve wooden ducks," Baker told us. "Well, we all know that you can't make a whole life of that and certainly from 2013 to 2020, he's been doing woodwork in Florida and listening to old disco music. Well if you know any senior citizens, you know that they have lives. They have love lives, they have business endeavors, they have hobbies, wishes, hopes, dreams, ambitions, things that they want to do now that they are in a position to be able to do that."

He added, "Stanley is no exception to that. He has a life, he's always had a life. He's multi-dimensional. He's not just the office curmudgeon. We had an opportunity to see a glimpse into his family relationships while he was at The Office. But as with any other human being, you know that after a person leaves the office at 5:30 in the evening, they go home and they have a whole life that you often aren't privy to. The original show was just a snapshot into that character and our goal is to expound on that character's life."

All nine seasons of The Office are now streaming on Netflix.

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