WandaVision: Why Episode 4 Has No Commercial Break Ad

WandaVision fans were probably wondering why there were no commercial break ads in Episode 4 of the series. These short adverts have become an expected part of the mystery over the first three installments of the series. However, "We Interrupt This Program" takes that ease of formula and turns it on its head. To put it plainly, there are no commercials because we're in the "real" world now. Most of the episode shows the timeline of this story from the perspective of Monica Rambeau. She comes too after The Blip from Avengers: Endgame and gets literally sucked into Wanda and Vision's strange life in Westview. Things are a little bit weirder than they seem on the outside where people near the New Jersey town have no idea there's a series of sitcoms being filmed right next door to them. However, viewers realize that Darcy from the Thor series and Agent Woo from the Ant-Man franchise have been watching those commercials alongside us at home.

Now, there are some clues toward what these ads really mean. Episode 1 had a Stark Industries toaster that seemed to mirror Wanda's upbringing in Sokovia. The second installment had that creepy Strucker watch that was giving off Hydra vibes. And last week's romp through the 70s re-introduced Hydrosoak Soap, which made it's first appearance in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So, there will probably be some more weird nods to the continuity of the larger MCU rolling forward. It's already been acknowledged that Wanda seems to be the driving force behind the phenomenon holding Westview captive. Maybe the commercials will keep extending until the present day?

Jac Schaeffer talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the commercials that occupy that space in her show. She acknowledged that fans are going to be curious about their seemingly sinister nature.

"The commercials were part of our storytelling extremely early on, and have been such [fun], so incredibly fun to do those," Schaeffer explained. "[For] the casual Marvel fan, I feel like the commercials are very accessible in that way, but because they're so true to the era, they also — for anyone who doesn't know a single thing about Marvel — they just can exist as more color to the story. But yeah, they're important. You'll see where they go."

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