WandaVision: Who Is Geraldine?

There are a lot of mysteries to solve in Marvel's new WandaVision series after just a couple of [...]

There are a lot of mysteries to solve in Marvel's new WandaVision series after just a couple of episodes, but one of the biggest questions in the minds of fans revolves around the character Geraldine. One of the neighbors of Wanda and Vision in Westview, Geraldine has appeared in two of the show's first three episodes. She's played by Teyonah Parris, which is part of the reason her character is so mysterious, as Marvel confirmed long ago that Parris was going to play a grown up Monica Rambeau. So, what's really going on with this character?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for WandaVision! Continue reading at your own risk...

Parris is still playing Monica Rambeau, it's just that Monica hasn't been officially revealed yet. We did get some hints about her character in the third episode, though.

Geraldine is wearing a necklace that features the SWORD logo that we've seen pop up a couple of times throughout the series, hinting that she's somehow involved with the mysterious organization. She also brings up Ultron to Wanda when the two of them are talking about Pietro, revealing that she knows about things outside of Westview.

When Wanda sends Geraldine flying out of Westview, she lands in an open field outside of what seems to be a military base. SWORD agents start approaching her when the episode ends, teasing that she has some major involvement with them in the real world. It's entirely likely that the fourth episode of the series will begin addressing the character as Monica.

Parris even addressed the entire Geraldine/Monica situation when speaking to ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis ahead of the show's premiere, explaining that Geraldine's identity and purpose are important pieces to the mystery.

"I can say that you do meet Geraldine, in the first couple of episodes," Parris said. "And so trying to figure out how this connects to Wanda and Vision, and yes, is part of the fun of the show. And is that Monica or is, she said her name's Geraldine? Who is this? I think that's part of the excitement that you'll get to try to figure out as you watch the show."

As with everything else in WandaVision, the mystery of Geraldine and Monica will continue to unfold over the course of the series, and we likely won't have all of the answers until the whole show has come to an end.

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