WandaVision: Here's How the Disney+ Show Could Set Up Secret Invasion

We know Secret Invasion will be hitting Disney+ by the end of the next year. We also happen to [...]

We know Secret Invasion will be hitting Disney+ by the end of the next year. We also happen to know the series will feature the return of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). Other than that, what happens in the series is as good as anyone's guess, though one can surmise it might have something to do with the plot of Captain Marvel 2 due to the characters involved. If our latest theory proves correct, Marvel Studios may have already started to put forth the groundwork during the events of WandaVision.

WandaVision introduced SWORD to the masses, an organization that traditionally has ties to space throughout its history in the Marvel Comics lore. During the group's introduction in the fourth episode of the Elizabeth Olsen-starring series, we find out it also has roots in space within the MCU, despite dealing with an Earth-bound threat with WandaWorld and the Westview Anamoly.

Now that we've set the stage, here's what we propose. Acting SWORD director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) isn't who you seem. No, we're not suggesting he's Mephisto or Nightmare — rather, we think he could be Kree.

Keep with us now.

We've seen the Kree plenty of times before, both in Captain Marvel and Agents of SHIELD. Like their comic book counterparts, the MCU version of the alien race also happens to have two different subsets. There's the blue-skinned "pure blood" Kree, and then there are the Pink Kree. Pink Kree typically take the appearance of everyday humans, like Jude Law's Yon-Rogg and Djimon Hounsou's Korath the Pursuer.

Now that Hayward has managed to weasel his way to the top of SWORD, he has access to Earth's best technology and weaponry. If you watched the latest episode of WandaVision, you'll know he and SWORD managed to get their hands on Vision's corpse sometime after the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

Here's where things get pretty batty, if they weren't already.

Naturally, it's reasonable to assume SWORD was developing new technology based on Vision's body, right? With that technology comes weapons. A major piece of the Kree arsenal happens to be a little invention called the Kree Sentry. Think of Sentries like Sentinels from the X-Men franchise, but in space.

If Hayward is a Pink Kree and he's managed to climb the SWORD ladder, we already have our Secret Invasion plot. Better yet, he would have known Nick Fury was snapped, so he had five full years to experiment with Vision's body and get his Kree cronies implanted within SWORD without the resistance from Fury and the Skrulls he's allied himself with.

Should he make it through WandaVision unscathed, we could get a "reverse" Secret Invasion. Instead of Skrulls posing as everyday humans, perhaps Pink Kree have already done so. The race has already been painted as villains during the events of Captain Marvel, and it's a storyline that could carry through both Secret Invasion and Captain Marvel 2.

If we want to climb even deeper into the rabbit hole, that's also something that could explain the disconnect between Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) and Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Maybe Monica knows something with Hayward is already up and is partially taking it out on her "aunt," who also technically happens to be part Kree now.

The first five episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.

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