WandaVision: Is Marvel Villain Mephisto Hiding In Plain Sight?

WandaVision is now on Disney+, and Marvel fans are buzzing with theories about what exactly is [...]

WandaVision is now on Disney+, and Marvel fans are buzzing with theories about what exactly is going on in the reality-bending series. The first two episodes of WandaVision have offered some dark (if fleeting) teases that there could be a truly evil presence pulling Wanda Maximoff's strings. The current popular theory is that WandaVision is hiding the devil in plain sight: namely, Marvel's demon lord, Mephisto. This theory isn't just coming out of WandaVision's two premiere episodes: Marvel fans have been spinning it ever since details of the series first came to light. The difference now is, we have actual clues from key moments in WandaVision that point toward Mephisto!

Warning: WandaVision Spoilers Follow!

The first two episodes of WandaVision get rather creepy at some key moments - but they definitely also slip in some at times subtle biblical references that warrant some attention. Episode 2 of the series is especially worth checking out for clues, as we breakdown below:

WandaVision Mephisto Theories Who Is Agnes Dottie

In WandaVision Episode 2, Wanda is carted off by her nosey neighbor Agnes to meet Dottie (Emma Caulfield Ford), who is the head of the neighborhood planning committee for the local talent show. We actually meet Dottie's rose bushes before the woman herself, as Agnes exclaims the roses "look divine!" Just an expression? Or a first clue that Dottie is the devil? The WandaVision end credits seemingly reveal that the black-and-white coloring of the episode hides the fact that the roses are actually blood red. And that's not the only hint that there's something odd about Dottie...

As a lot of WandaVision fans noticed, during the committee scene where Wanda meets Dottie, the latter woman (clearly the alpha dog) scolds Wanda that the "Devil in the details," to which Agnes responds in a whisper, "That's not all he's in!" It's a bit on the nose, or maybe it's just hiding the devil in plain sight. Dottie definitely becomes a lot creepier as the episode goes on: she's clearly mean and controlling, and when she says the talent show is "For the children," all the ladies (except Wanda) almost hypnotically repeat it. Dottie is also oddly fascinated with Wanda and Vision's extraordinary power during their "magic show" routine. Were the two Avengers actually auditioning for Mephisto? There's a moment where Dottie clearly comes to her senses while talking with Wanda, but that doesn't mean Mephisto doesn't hold sway over her.

Dottie seems like the obvious pick for devil incarnate - but only when Agnes is around. It could be purposeful misdirection, as Agnes has long been suspected of being more than she seems. "Agnes" could easily be "Agatha Harkness," one of the most famous witches of the Marvel Universe - and the one who has helped Wanda strikes a bargain with the devil, in the comics. Maybe Agnes is the one responsible for why Wanda is going off the rails...

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.