Willow Star Warwick Davis Offers Update on Sequel Series, Teases His Hopes for Adventure

For more than 30 years, fans have been hoping to see the continued adventures of Willow, with star [...]

For more than 30 years, fans have been hoping to see the continued adventures of Willow, with star Warwick Davis being just as excited as audiences to continue that character's journey. After all these years, it was confirmed last month that Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu had been tapped to direct a new sequel series, with Davis recently detailing his relief at finally getting to talk about the series, as he claims he's known it was in the works for more than two years. The actor also recently shared what he hopes to see happen in the new adventure, which includes reuniting with the stars of the original film.

"You know what, it's weird to be able to talk about it now! It's something which I never thought I would see happen," Davis shared with Radio Times. "I'm hoping that we establish Willow as a very accomplished sorcerer now."

He added, "I hope he's been practicing and we get to see him do some real magic, which would be fabulous. And also I'm hoping that we can reunite with Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley as well!"

The original film was directed by Ron Howard, with Davis reuniting with the director on Solo: A Star Wars Story. Despite Davis only having a brief appearance in that film, he detailed how the overall endeavor was a key component in moving forward with a Willow follow-up.

"Everything sort of aligned when we did the movie Solo," Davis explained. "The writer, Jon Kasdan, was a huge fan of Willow, he grew up watching it and it's one of the things that inspired him to become a screenwriter, as well as his dad [Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back co-writer Lawrence Kasdan]. And then Ron Howard came in to direct and Jon mentioned to him that he was a big fan of Willow and that got them talking. And I was on Solo looking a little bit like Willow with my long hair as Weazel, and all these things came together. We took it to Disney+ and they were as excited as we were about it and greenlit the series."

The actor went on to note that, more than merely being an opportunity to cash in on the well-known property, he hopes that the new series replicates the charm of that original movie.

"I think you've got to acknowledge the spirit, and, especially with something like Willow, the humor," Davis clarified. "Because you forget that the movie had a lot of humor in it so it's important that the series has that humor and doesn't take itself too seriously."

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Willow series.

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