World Cup: Marvel Star Samuel L. Jackson Narrates Hype Video For Captain America and Team USA

Team USA is facing The Netherlands in the round-of-16 today and Marvel star Samuel L. Jackson narrated Fox Sports' hype up video for the match. In it he celebrates Captain America Christian Pulisic and this young American squad. Many doubted the youth and goal-scoring power of the USMNT. But, here they are in the knockout rounds with a chance to advance. They're going to have a big task ahead of them with The Netherlands. Especially if Pulisic cannot reach his full capacity before running out today. He suffered a groin injury after scoring the goal that sent the United States to the round-of-16. Forward Josh Sargent figures to be a gametime scratch with a sore right ankle. Flag-waving is nothing new for the US squad and their fans, but this World Cup has already been one to remember for a lot of observers. You can check out what the Nick Fury actor had to say to rally the squad right here.

Captain America himself spoke with ESPN's Sam Borden about getting out there to help his teammates after his heroics last time out. "I'm going to do everything in my power, with this staff and medical team, to make sure that however long I can be out on that field, I'll be out there giving my 110 percent no matter what," he said. "Because I owe it to this game, I owe it to this team, I owe it to the country back home. I'm going to do everything I can."

Manager Gregg Berhalter actually told the media that Pulisic should be good to go for today's match. "We're going to see him on the training field today," Berhalter said during the press conference yesterday. "What I think is it looks pretty good but we'll have to see him today on the pitch to get confirmation of that."

When Will We See Nick Fury Again?

At San Diego Comic-Con, Cobie Smulders and Jackson previewed Secret Invasion. It feels like the next time fans see Nick Fury on-screen it's going to be wildly different. "The great thing that the series gives us the opportunity to do is really dive into the characters more, really explore their relationships with each other," Smulders said to EW. "It was just really exciting to shoot these scenes with Sam that were like, we weren't just talking about 'How are we gonna get the thing to fix the thing?' And we're able to show sort of their relationship that is seen behind the scenes."

She also teased "a version of Nick Fury that they haven't seen before. You know like, what does he do to relax? Does he ever relax? What are his hobbies, you know? Does he have a family? What is his backstory? And they really do a deep dive into him and his life in this series."


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