Gillian Anderson Confirms 'X-Files' Season 11 Is Her Last

Longtime X-Files star Gillian Anderson says season 11, arriving during the 25th anniversary of the fan-favorite sci-fi hit, will be her last.

“I’ve said from the beginning this is it for me,” Anderson told TV Insider. “I was a bit surprised by people’s [shocked] reaction to my announcement…because my understanding was that this was a single season.”

Anderson said "I think this will be it for me" during New York Comic Con in October.

"It felt like it wasn’t over,” Anderson said of her decision to return for The X-Files season 10. “It didn’t feel like we necessarily delivered everything the fans were expecting of us last time, and so it was that.”

The actress, who plays FBI Agent Dana Scully, appears in nearly every episode of the sci-fi drama.

Fox revived the series in early 2016 in lieu of a pending third X-Files movie 14 years after the show left the air.

ComicBook recently compiled the best moments of the oft-skeptical Scully ahead of season 11's release.

Despite Anderson's apparent retirement from the role, series creator Chris Carter told TV Insider “There are a lot more X-Files stories to tell."


"Whether we get to tell them is a question mark," Carter said. "The truth is out there."

The X-Files returns to Fox with its season 11 premiere Wednesday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET.