Yellowjackets Star Opens Up About Adult Lottie's Mysterious Season 2 Role

When Yellowjackets Season 2 debuts on Showtime later this month, fans of the hit series are finally going to see what Lottie is up to in the current timeline. The first season saw the teenage version of the character turn into something of a cult leader out in the wilderness, potentially being set up as the Antler Queen. The final episodes of the season confirmed that Lottie did, in fact, survive the woods and was about to join the modern story.

This season, Simone Kessell has been cast to play the adult Lottie, who is running her own "healing" facility, and carrying the same mysterious aura she did when she was a teenager. She "has completely recreated herself as a survivor," Kessell told EW in a recent interview. "She's healed. She's created a way to push the darkness down."

Lottie has changed a lot, but exactly what she's trying to do at her facility is still unknown to the women she shared the wilderness experience with. She went through her own stint of rehab before trying to help others in her life.

"When we meet Lottie, she's a whole different person who's gone through this rehabilitation at a Swiss mental institution," co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco said.

"This woman is a guru," he continued. "But she's also, like many self-proclaimed gurus, very volatile. She's able to give you the scorpion's tail at any moment. That's part of the hold she has on her followers."

"We're hoping that even the Lottie you've seen so far in the wilderness can come across not as a cult leader or the overt founder of a new religion but rather as a kind of reluctant messiah through which the darkness can speak," Lisco added. "She doesn't want to be this person, it's not a choice, it's an inexorable feeling that she has that she must communicate to the others."

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Yellowjackets returns to Showtime on March 24th.