Becky Lynch Almost Joined Cast of 'Vikings' Instead of Returning to Wrestling

The History Channel’s Vikings have been getting rave review since 2013. But the historical drama could have been a little better if it had locked down the services of Becky Lynch.

In an interview with Fox News, Lynch details her past, revealing that, despite success, she chose to leave wrestling for seven years. And in that time frame, Lynch earned a degree in acting.

"When I was 15 I started wrestling, right? By 19, I traveled the world, I'd been the youngest foreign female to wrestle in Japan, [the] main event in Japan. I lived in Canada, I lived in America, I wrestled around Europe — and then I quit," Lynch, 31, told Fox News. "I quit wrestling for seven years and I did everything that I thought I possibly wanted to do."

"Going back to college and studying acting was one of those things," Lynch continued. "I left college and I got my acting degree, and I was looking for work. I handed in my resume and headshot to 'Vikings' because they were filming in Ireland."

But it wasn't a leading role, in fact, Lynch was vying for a spot that would essentially keep her anonymous.

"I get a call and it's from 'Vikings,' and they're like, 'Hey, do you stunts?' And obviously, the way my resume read, because I have all this physical experience, they thought I was a stuntwoman!"

Lynch revealed that she lied to Vikings' producers assuring that she could do the job despite no true experience as a stuntwoman. Lynch got back into wrestling to prep for the role, but was stopped by a peer who said that she should try out for WWE.


"I thought about it for maybe two seconds," she said about her WWE audition. "That's it. That's what I was meant to do."

By 2013, Lynch had signed with WWE and began working her way up their ladder. Lynch served about two years in NXT before getting the call the WWE's main roster in 2015.