Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre Set for WrestleMania 35

Since Roman Reigns made his heroic return from his leukemia battle, the biggest question surrounding his immediate future hinged on his plans for WrestleMania. And now, he has some.

Last week, Drew McIntyre spend an entire segment challenging Reigns to a match at WrestleMania 35. This week, Reigns cut off McIntyre, accepted his challenge, then started a fight. McIntyre had been targeting Reigns' personal life in his speeches, which made the Big Dog's punches that much sweeter. They'll meet in what should be a pretty entertaining match on April 7.


For both men, this should be a great opportunity. In Reigns case, this gives him something significant to do at 'Mania. WWE needed to get Reigns a big stage, but challenging for the Universal Championship was too much of a reach. So with other big Superstars occupied, McIntyre is an ideal option for The Big Dog.

For McIntyre, this is unquestionably his biggest get as a WWE Superstar. Reigns is the face of WWE, and for a rising heel like McIntyre, this is as good as it gets. Since re-debuting in WWE last year, McIntyre has been attached to no shortage of rumors and apparently Vince McMahon is an avid supporter of the Scotsmen. Win or lose at 'Mania, this is likely McIntyre's graduation into WWE's main event picture.