Matt Riddle Has Taken Over Goldberg's Finishing Move, Renamed It

Matt Riddle has often criticized Bill Goldberg in the past. So much so that when Goldberg and the NXT star ran into each other backstage at SummerSlam, the former WCW and WWE World Champion gave Riddle the cold shoulder.

During the SummerSlam watchalong, in addition to telling the story of running into Goldberg earlier in the day, Riddle talked about how he's taken it upon himself to use Goldberg's signature move and improve upon it.

Riddle has been using Goldberg's Jackhammer finish, and not only is he doing the move, he has renamed it the "Brohammer."

"I've been using the Jackhammer recently in my matches, and I've been doing it way better than he ever could. It's the Brohammer now," said Riddle.

So will we ever see Riddle use the move on Goldberg himself?

"If he (Goldberg) ever got in the ring, I'd pick him up, hold him there for an extended period of time...Brohammer!" Riddle said.


With WWE reportedly getting ready to announce that NXT is moving two FS1 for a two hour live show every Wednesday night, they're going to need a lot of talent depth. For that reason, it's hard to imagine Riddle moving to the main roster anytime soon, and thus, a match with Goldberg doesn't seem likely.

That being said, the pair are certainly laying the ground work for something down the line if an opportunity presents itself.