Adam Cole Possibly Teasing AEW Return

AEW had a string of unfortunate injuries to some of its top stars earlier in the year, and one such star is Adam Cole. Cole has been out of action since the Fatal Four-Way match at Forbidden Door. The match had to be ended a bit early by Jay White as a result of the injury, and later it would be revealed that Cole had experienced a serious concussion. Since then he's been streaming on Twitch and has been present on social media, but he hasn't appeared on AEW TV. A new tweet from Cole seems to be addressing some rumors of him not wrestling again and possibly even teasing a full return to action in AEW, and don't expect him to give up being a wrestler anytime soon.

On Twitter Cole wrote "When I was nine years old, I told myself 'You're gonna be a Pro matter what.' No matter the obstacles, no matter the time...that will never change." It would seem he isn't retiring or planning on not returning to the ring, so hopefully, this is a tease of his eventual return, because fans definitely want to see him back in the mix on Dynamite and Rampage.

One of the last updates fans received on Cole's status came last month when Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez were asked about the latest on his status. Meltzer responded "Did you hear anything new? I mean, it's a concussion. It's a bad concussion, a [really] bad concussion... he'll be back when he's cleared. It could be tomorrow, and it could be never. Ya' know what I mean?"

Alvarez added "I've not really heard anything. I mean, he's doing his Twitch deal every day. From that aspect, he's fine. But I don't know what the status of being able to travel, work, [or] anything is. Guess we'll see."

Cole was one of several stars taken out of action over the past several months, though in some cases those changes weren't because of injuries. Alongside Cole, stars like Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Thunder Rosa, and Kenny Omega were off the board due to one injury or another, and those injuries affected Forbidden Door and Punk's initial Title reign as AEW World Champion. Then the All-Out Brawl would occur and would take The Elite and Punk away from AEW TV, with Punk not expected to return to the company.


Hopefully, Cole returns to action soon, and let us know what you want to see next for Cole when he does return in the comments!