Watch: Jon Moxley Destroys Adam Page's Back During AEW Dynamite

Adam Page teamed up with fellow Elite member Kenny Omega to take on PAC and Jon Moxley on AEW Dynamite. And while "The Hangman" got in plenty of offense late in the match, he'll likely have a massive bruise on his back by Thursday morning. Early on in the match Page took to the top rope and was distracted by PAC antagonizing him on the apron. This gave Moxley enough time to jump onto the apron and push Page off, causing him to land back-first on the hardest part of the ring.

Moxley wound up handing the win to the opposing team. Late in the match the former WWE star and Omega pulled out their respective barbed wire weapons and nearly used them on each other. PAC then ran into the ring to stop Mox, arguing that he didn't want to be disqualified.

Moxley responded by flipping off his partner and hitting him with Dirty Deeds before walking to the back.

This gave Omega and Page the opening to hit a V-Trigger and a Deadeye for the win.


The loss brought an end to PAC's undefeated streak within the company, and kept the feud between Moxley and Omega rolling. The two are booked to face each other at Full Gear on Nov. 9.