AEW Dynamite: Major Spoiler on Big Name Debuting On Next Week's Show

AEW has a major surprise appearance in store for viewers this coming Wednesday. The next edition of Dynamite on TNT has been promoted as featuring a guest moderator for a debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. The two stars have been feuding for the last several weeks. During that time we've seen the two stars face-off in a main event match, as well as continue that tension through some promos (one of which featured orange juice getting dumped on Jericho and the Inner Circle in the middle of the ring). So who is the guest moderator?

According to a Reddit user (SpaceForce1) who has a history of accurately breaking news from AEW tapings in the past, the moderator will be none other than former WCW President Eric Bischoff.

Last summer, Bischoff was briefly hired to head-up the creative team on WWE SmackDown. This hiring came at the same time that Paul Heyman was given the same position on Raw. While Heyman's time in creative lasted up until a couple of months ago, Bischoff was fired within just a couple of months of his hiring.

A couple of weeks ago, Bischoff appeared as a guest on the official AEW YouTube channel in a preview for the Fight For The Fallen event, so his involvement on Dynamite is a continuation of what could be an open door to more involvement with the company. When word started leaking out about Bischoff's involvement on this coming week's Dynamite (which has already been taped), fans were split on social media about the move.


While Bischoff has been a big name in the business in the past, at one time being one of the faces of the nWo during the late 1990s wrestling boom, AEW needs to be careful about bringing in too many names from the past during an era when fans are clamoring for new stars to be created and a true alternative to WWE. Bringing in too many ex-WWE names (including Bischoff) was a problem that plagued TNA Impact Wrestling when they were looking to grow their audience, and that experiment ultimately failed.

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