AEW Rampage Reveals Who Britt Baker's Next Women's Title Challenger Will Be

There will be ripple effects from tonight's AEW Rampage, at least where the AEW Women's Championship is concerned. The second match of the night was a Black Friday match between AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker and Riho, and there were a number of factors at play. The biggest was that if Riho could win the match-up, she would earn a guaranteed title show against Baker, which has been a long time coming for Riho, a former AEW Women's World Champion herself. The second was that up to this point, Baker has never actually beat Riho in a match, and she was looking to fix that tonight.

Riho managed to escape Baker's attempt to get the Lockjaw synced up, but Baker's buddies Rebel and Jamie Hayter evened things up for Baker and did some damage to Riho without the referee noticing.

Riho still managed to evade Hayter and Rebel through most of the match, but Baker threw everything at her between the ropes too, and it definitely took its toll on Riho.

At one point it looked like Baker was going to take it, but then Riho managed t come out of nowhere and get the victory on Baker, and you could tell the AEW Women's Champion was completely shocked at the results.

Now Riho will have a shot at the title and at Baker, who she is undefeated against. Baker meanwhile hasn't yet found a way to beat Riho in the ring, and if she can't do it next time, Riho could very well reclaim her AEW World Championship and start up a second reign.

This also means that Baker is going to pull out all of the stops the next time they meet, and it might end up being enough to finally put a win in the W column against Riho.

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