Bad Bunny Forfeits 24/7 Championship, Gets Hit with Guitar on WWE Raw

Bad Bunny forfeit the WWE 24/7 Championship and got hit with a guitar on WWE Monday Night Raw! [...]

Bad Bunny forfeit the WWE 24/7 Championship and got hit with a guitar on WWE Monday Night Raw! It's been an eventful few months for the popular recording artist as ever since he performed during the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view event, he's been a key part of Monday Night Raw together with recent NXT call up, Damien Priest. With the help of Priest, Bad Bunny even won the 24/7 Championship title and has been carrying ever since (even to his first performance at Saturday Night Live). That was until the newest episode of Monday Night Raw where he decided to forfeit the 24/7 Championship and give it back to R Truth.

Following Truth trying to sneak up on Bad Bunny to win the title back, and failing once more, Truth instead tries to bargain with the artist in order for a chance to get his "baby" back. After Truth shows off some Stone Cold merchandise, Bad Bunny decides to "trade" Truth. Noting how he has a lot of respect for the wrestling business, Bad Bunny decides to give the 24/7 Championship back to Truth:

Considering Bad Bunny is currently enjoying new heights of his career, he was planning to move on to bigger and better things. This was until Priest's match with Elias. Not only did Elias threaten Bad Bunny, but soon that threat came to pass from a whole new source. Following threats earlier in the episode, John Morrison came out to distract Priest and using that confusion, The Miz struck Bad Bunny in the back with a guitar:

A major feud has been brewing between The Miz and Bad Bunny ever since The Miz wrecked Bad Bunny's recording equipment during the Royal Rumble, and this guitar shot takes it to a whole new level. Now Bad Bunny is fully involved with this story building up, and with him also being free of the 24/7 Championship, the stage is set for what will likely be a huge blow off match involving Bad Bunny, Damien Priest, The Miz, and John Morrison at WrestleMania 37.

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