WWE Promises Future Bad Bunny Storylines

WWE's Royal Rumble had several surprises in store for wrestling fans with Bianca Belair winning the Women's Royal Rumble match and Edge taking home the victory for the Men's Royal Rumble match, but one of the biggest surprises that took place was singer Bad Bunny interjecting himself into a match, and it seems as if his time with World Wrestling Entertainment isn't done. During the WWE Quarter 4 Earning and Full Year 2020 Call, Stephanie McMahon dropped the hint that Bad Bunny still has "future storylines" to come with the organization, following his appearance at both Royal Rumble and Monday Night Raw!

Bad Bunny, during the latest Royal Rumble, performed his latest hit, "Booker T", singing in front of the titular wrestler who has become one of the most legendary brawlers in the company's history but found himself joining the Royal Rumble itself following the Miz destroying his DJ equipment. Entering the ring beside himself, he took to the turnbuckle and jumped directly at both The Miz and John Morrison, knocking them to the ground and showing off his wrestling skills. During this latest investor call, Stephanie McMahon noted Bad Bunny's love of the organization and stated that it was the singer's "dream" to be a WWE Superstar himself, which seems to be in the cards considering the higher-up's comments!

The Latin singer is far from the first celebrity to jump into the ring, with professional wrestling seeing the likes of Dennis Rodman, David Arquette, Jay Leno, and even former President Donald Trump each entering the squared circle. On top of these celebrities, the WWE and WCW had incorporated fictional characters into their past matches, with the likes of Robocop and Chucky the killer doll appearing in different wild segments.

Though no details were given about when Bad Bunny would return to the ring, this marks another example of celebrities being drawn to the WWE, and it will definitely be interesting to see how the singer is incorporated into future matches. Surely, the singer will have an ax to grind with both The Miz and John Morrison following the Royal Rumble!


What do you think of the WWE creating future opportunities for Bad Bunny to jump into the ring? What other celebrities do you want to see participate in future matches? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of professional wrestling!