Charlotte Flair Wants to Beat John Cena and Ric Flair's WWE Title Record

Charlotte Flair is aiming to beat John Cena and Ric Flair's 16 WWE Title record with 17 Championships

Charlotte Flair is one of WWE's biggest superstars, which is fitting for someone whose nickname is The Queen. At this point, Flair is a 14-time Women's World Champion in WWE, holding the then Raw Women's Championship 6 times, the SmackDown Women's Championship 7 times, and the Divas Championship once. She's recently been attempting to get that 15th Title win by taking down Bianca Belair and Asuka, but her larger goal would put her in the record books for a long, long time, as she's aiming to beat John Cena and Ric Flair's 16-time Championship record.

Flair was speaking to New York Live, and during their conversation, she revealed that she's definitely looking to break her father's record of 16 Championships, a record that Cena tied in 2017. To beat both, she'll have to hit 17 Championships, and she hopes to encourage women in all industries when she finally breaks the record.

"So John Cena just tied my dad. So now I have Cena and my dad to beat," Flair said (H/T "But no, I'm definitely chasing 17. And I think if, or when I break the record, it'll be like a woman did it in a male-dominated industry. And I hope that encourages women in all industries that we can do it all. Yeah."

Cena looked poised to break the record after he tied Ric's 16 Championships by beating AJ Styles in 2017. Since then though Cena hasn't been able to win that ever elusive 17th Title, and these days it doesn't look likely to happen. Cena's schedule is busier than ever thanks to his soaring film career, and while he does appear in WWE from time to time, he's been building other stars in those appearances more than gunning for a World Championship.

That leaves Charlotte in the perfect spot to break her father's record, and as she's already at 14, she's got plenty of time to get those three Title wins. If she does break the record, it will be another impressive feat in an already impressive career. Also impressive is how Flair's navigated this current run in WWE, a run that sees her in more of a babyface role than in times past. In the same interview, Flair said while being a heel is easier, it's been immensely rewarding to interact with the cheering fans and kids in the crowd this time around.

"No, I still take it very seriously, but I think I've always played a bad guy, and coming back, I've been more of a good guy. I mean, I still think they love to boo me, but realizing that at this stage of my career, I get to interact with the kids sitting in the front row where for so many years, it was like, 'No, I'm so angry. Boo me.' It's been really rewarding being able to interact with the kids. No, it's fun. It's so much easier being the bad guy. Well, think about having to walk out, making sure people like you. Like, what if they don't like me? Harder. It feels forced. No, but I mean, I think what I've done for women's wrestling and with WWE, it's more people respect my career, and the kids look at me as like, 'Oh my God, there's the queen.'"

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