Conor McGregor Hit By Car While Biking

Conor McGregor was struck by a car while riding his bike on Friday. The former multi-division UFC Champion shared the news on his Instagram page, revealing that his bike was hit from behind by a car traveling at full speed on a backroad. McGregor noted that the driver was blinded by the sun and did not see him biking on the road ahead of him.

"Got a bang of a car just now from behind," McGregor said. "A sun trap, the driver couldn't see me. Full spreed straight thru me. Thank you God, it wasn't my time."

The driver repeatedly apologized to McGregor in the video, to which McGregor responded "all good." Still, the Notorious One was shook up by the incident, noting that he could have been killed during the accident.

"I could have been dead there, mate, look!" McGregor said. "I think I got away with my life, there."

Aside from a rip to his pants, McGregor did not appear to suffer any injuries in the incident. McGregor added that his fighter's reflexes were crucial to him having a safe landing following the hit.

"Thank you wrestling and judo also," McGregor said. "Having an awareness on the landing saved my life. I'm still here. Thank God. That's all that matters."

McGregor's last fight came in July 2021, where he was defeated by Dustin Poirier due to doctor stoppage after he suffered a freak broken leg early in the bout. There has been no confirmation on when he will fight next, but the former UFC Lightweight Champion has teased his intention to compete in the welterweight division moving forward.

"I'm going to slice through someone on return," McGregor tweeted earlier this month. "Trust that. And I don't care who. Line up."